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Ready to polish your flying skills?

Our 8-hour private kite lesson will get you thru 2 days of progression, all the initial land stages of kite control, wind theory, kite behavior whilst in the air, and many more, and introduce you to the water levels of the lesson program, learning how to manage the kites raw power, blending land and water skills into one, preparing you for that final waterstart stage and the first big ride!!

All our teaching program is adapted for your precise needs, whether or not you’re a novice beginning from scratch or have carried out a lesson in the past. We cater the training depending on your ability degree and progression.

We found the magic formula, 4-hour days divided into 2-hour blocks, this maximizes your training progression, keeping you engaged and giving your body & mind some space to breathe and recover. Nothing beats enjoying a pi√Īa colada or some fresh fruit water and going back for some more kite action.

We only do 4 hours of lessons per day. This will give you the chance to have a break and reflect on what you have done that day. Coming back fresh and more than ready for your next 4-hour session

At ProkiteMx we want you to become the best quality rider you can be, helping you become independent in all aspects that the sport requires, without sacrificing safety or fun. The amount of time it takes to get to the level you want will rely on every individual’s ability. All timelines are guides and it might take less time or extra time. If progressing quickly on your program you might be able to try the board stage at this point and go for that first ride!!


  • Know how to swim/ be comfortable with water.

What’s Included:

  • Private one-on-one lesson with an IKO licensed instructor
  • Kite gear, helmet, and impact/flotation device.
  • Radio for communications whilst in water
  • Gear insurance
  • IKO Certification

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Private Lessons

Kitesurfing is a unique sport that lets you experience freedom like no other.

kitesurfing is a step by step process, from security, wind behavior, gear setup, to your first flying exercises, our proven and certified methodology will ensure you have a safe, fun & efficient kitesurfing journey.

For an average kitesurfer it takes 10 - 12 hours to be independent.




  • Reservations only

We focus on you, for this reason, planning and coordination are essential.


  • Tailor-made experience

We ensure your kiting lessons are given on the best wind days available during your stay. All our supervisions and water lessons are made with 2-way radios so you can have a faster and more effective learning curve. 


  • 4 hour days

Divided into 2-hour blocks (2 hrs + 20 min rest +2 hrs)

This keeps you engaged and makes your kitesurfing journey more efficient

kitesurfing Journey :


Private kitesurfing lessons are a great way to make the most of it out in the water. With private one on one instruction  live your kitesurfing journey at your own pace.

All our lessons are given by experienced and qualified IKO instructors making your kitesurfing journey tailored and focused on your learning needs. Let us guide you in this life changing journey.


About the kite spot :




Tulum is open sea this means you have a magnificent  endless possibility playground with waves, to ensure your safety all our lessons are given with helmet, buoyancy aid and 2 way radios. Just in case you get a wipeout or 2 !!  its all part of the fun.




Isla blanca lagoon is flat water paradice ,  Isla Blanca is an incredible experience hosting the most ideal conditions for learning, improving and shredding, every kiters dream location! Isla Blanca is a peninsula located just 25 mins north of the Cancun hotel zone, a sandy coastal strip approx 20km in length birthing into a giant waist deep sea water lagoon, no more than 5m in depth!. The perfect escape from the city, with the opportunity for day trips, short stays or longer adventures you can access this little secret getaway. To ensure your safety all our lessons are given with helmet, buoyancy aid and 2 way radios.


All gear included ( kite, bar, harness, board, helmet, flotation device, radios)


$90 USD x Hour

$80 USD x Hour 4th hour onward


  • Discovery:

-> 1 Day course

-> 4 Hours

-> 360 USD


  • Intermediate:

-> 2 Day course

-> 8 Hours

-> 680 USD

-> IKO certification


  • Independent:

-> 3 Day course

-> 12 Hours

-> 1,000 USD

-> IKO certification

If paying with Credit Card a + 3% increase will be applied

kitesurfing tulum payment prokitemexico stripe

Camouflaged By Nature


Chiringuito Tulum is an exclusive and peaceful site on the Mexican coast.


Our spaces are designed to be sunlit, open and warm. The light-colored surfaces and spacious interiors were the key to giving guests that feeling of lightness and tranquility.


Its marked Mediterranean style is subtly combined with Caribbean construction elements. Chiringuito Tulum was born out a simple, but powerful vision‚ÄĒbuild an icon of Mediterranean culture in the Caribbean. For us, the Mediterranean is much more than a color palate and building materials‚ÄĒit is a feeling and a way of life. Though architecture, design, and food, we have created a beautiful beachfront boutique hotel. Our public spaces encourage gatherings amongst families, friends, and lovers. Our guest rooms bring a sense of respite and peace.


We transferred the concept of this experience to Tulum. Over time our passion for good food and design led us to hospitality.

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Lesson Booking:
Step 1

  • INFO

We operate exclusively under reservation, for this reason, a 1-hour deposit = $90 USD x person is needed to ensure an instructor is available for you once your booking process is complete.

You will need to fill out your personal info once redirected back after your payment, once that is done your lesson is officially booked!

We will contact you via email & Whatsapp for optimum dates and weather conditions depending on your schedule and dates in México.

I agree and have read the cancellation policies listed below.


  • 48 hours before your lesson = 100% refund (Deposit total)
  • - 24 hours¬† before your lesson = No refund
  • No show = No refund.


  • We will send you an updated forecast for your lesson plan 24 Hrs before your lessons via email or Whatsapp
  • At times we may have to reschedule lessons at the last minute due to varying factors such as unsafe or unfavorable conditions, thunder, lightning, gusty winds, offshore winds, light wind or no wind.
    This determination is at the discretion of the management and instructors. We base decisions on current or forecasted conditions, as well as other factors such as safety, tides, etc.
  • If¬† the weather is NOT suitable/safe for your lesson level, it will be rescheduled if we are not able to rescheduled due to inclement weather you will receive a full refund

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