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Kitesurf in Tulum, “The endless playground”. kitesurf in Tulum is an incredible experience hosting the most versatile conditions for learning, improving and shredding ... from coral reefs, to amazing wildlife with turtles, you name it, a kitesurf dream location!

Tulum is located just 2 hours from Cancun airport, a magical town with a wide variety of activities to do, including cenotes exploration, kitesurf, an amazing gastronomical scene with some of the best restaurants worldwide, and may more. This location is perfect for welcoming all abilities. The water conditions are sometimes challenging for beginner kitesurfers since some days we can have a big shore break and lacking proper techniques to overcome it can be frustrating for some. If this is your case a refresher lesson is advised so we can give you all the key pointers to have the most fun out there on the water. Kitesurf in Tulum can be one of the most rewarding and memorable sessions of your life, just contact us to arrange your next kite trip to this amazing kitesurf destination.

kitesurf in tulum see it with our eyes at prokite Mexico


Get started with your kitesurf journey under professional IKO instructors guidance, improve your techniques or join us to freeride.


The kitesurf season in Tulum runs from November to May-June with variable winds from North to South. Kitesurf in Tulum hosts some of the best “South East” winds with over 15 knots all season long meaning the peninsula invites Side onshore winds , making the waves rise and glide across the Mexican caribbean coastline.

This conditions are perfect for our famous down winders, from amazing virgin areas in Sian-kaans biosphere to magical sessions in front of the Mayan ruins.
check our down winders here for more info.

East and South East wind prevale from mid February to the end of May, increasing the temperature and creating a constant warm breeze from 10-18 knots making kitesurf in Tulum an endless water playground.


Camouflaged by nature, Chiringuito Tulum is an exclusive and peaceful site on the Mexican coast.

Its marked Mediterranean style is subtly combined with Caribbean construction elements. Chiringuito Tulum was born out a simple, but powerful vision—build an icon of Mediterranean culture in the Caribbean. For us, the Mediterranean is much more than a color palate and building materials—it is a feeling and a way of life. Though architecture, design, and food, we have created a beautiful beachfront boutique hotel. Our public spaces encourage gatherings amongst families, friends, and lovers. Our guest rooms bring a sense of respite and peace.

We transferred the concept of this experience to Tulum. Over time our passion for good food and design led us to hospitality.

Our spaces are designed to be sunlit, open and warm. The light-colored surfaces and spacious interiors were the key to giving guests that feeling of lightness and tranquility.


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